Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Do-It-All Mom! (Book Review)

We all know of "her"; the perfect homeschool mom, with perfect kids, the perfect home and the perfect business on the side.   We set her on a pedestal as our lofty goal to reach, and yet we fall short time and time again.   What, you ask, is her trick?  She's a juggler...not the kind you see at the circus either.

In "HomeWork Juggling Home, Work and School Without Losing Your Balance" you'll first realize that "she" doesn't exist.  However, as you read the stories of 14 real life moms, you'll find that each of us has our own perfect place as we follow God's plan for our lives, our homeschooling and our careers.

In this e-book from The Old School House, you'll hear how others have learned to successfully direct their special talent, interest or previous experience into the perfect fit that is right for their lives.  And somewhere, deep inside you'll come to realize that you too can juggle!

Insightful tips on record keeping, paper trails and much more await you in this 95 page e-book.  Included are 3 pages of websites for  legitimate home based businesses, research and much more. 

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