Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Good Ship Lollipop

Olivia had dress rehearsal tonight.  Her group is dancing to the "Goodship Lollipop" by Shirley Temple.  Their costumes are supposed to be little sailor suits...I think I need to iron and starch Olivia's hat for friday...it's a little off kilter.

Last year we opted out of the recital because Olivia would burst into tears anytime the parents were allowed to watch the class, so we knew she wasn't ready to perform.   This year, she's very excited and has really improved in her self confidence.

Here is the entire troop....

I'm really exicted about the recital itself, and so are the girls.  We scheduled a vacation day for my husband that night so he can attend.  I think that is what the girls are most excited about...daddy gets to come watch them dance!

So..yeah, you'll get more photos on Friday.  Brace yourselves. 

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