Sunday, May 31, 2009

Olivia & Lindsey’s Splash Book List

We're continuing school through the summer, on a less intense scale.  Part of our book list will include the reading that goes with our curriculum.   Here are a few extra books we're hoping to get through this summer.  I'll update it each month as I see how we've progressed through our stack.


Little House in the Big Woods (with accompanying lapbook)
The Pup Speaks Up by Anna Jane Hays
The Star of the Show by Dena Neusner
The Berry Best Friends Picnic by Jackie Glassman
Ralphi Rhino by Lisl Weil
Ten Little Bears by Kathleen Hague
The Little Pie by Thelma Johnson
The Big Green Bird by Joyce Braithwaite
Our Week
Bib by Sue Lovegrove
Tim Can Sue Lovegrove

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