Friday, May 29, 2009

Preschool Week 1

Lindsey is three, going on 21.   She's my fast child.  She walked at 9 months, was talking in complete sentences at 12 months, potty trained herself at 24 months.  So I'm starting her on her PK-4 program now...slowly so as not to overwhelm her with too much information.   Yeah.  So we skipped the first 5 lessons in her curriculum and jumped in on day 6. 

Day 1:

I was supposed to introduce the letter "i" both upper and lowercase and work on the sound...yeeeaaah...then she read the example word I had written on the board.    I was supposed to work on introducing numbers 1 - 3 (I stopped at 27 when she lost her train of thought and stopped counting).  I was supposed to work on her colors...yeah, blew by that one, why torture myself.   Then I thought, well lets add some geometric shapes and teach her those....yeah....of course my 3 year old knows what an octagon is...what was I thinking showing her those hearts and stars?   So we did the "Hokie-Pokie" to reinforce her concept of right/left and called it a day.  The little darling looked at me and said "Mom, I really think I need to go faster in school."     Well, alrighty then!

Days 2 - 5 were much the same as day 1.  I added some lacing beads to the mix to work on hand/eye coordination. grouping and patterns.  This worked well until she realized she could make up a pretty interesting story using the various beads.  The horses were grouped into a family.  One horse was lost and couldn't find his way back, he was attacked by a "sharptooth" (T-Rex being impersonated by a sheep bead).   Luckily the family of horses heard his horrific screams (my gosh that child can hit some high notes) and came to his rescue and defeated the "sharptooth". 

So next week we'll be doubling up on her lessons and she'll be starting to write in cursive.  By golly, she wants faster, we'll do faster!

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