Wednesday, June 17, 2009

2009-2010 TOS Planner (Review)

Generally speaking, I am a very organized, highly efficient woman.  For me to miss a deadline, birthday or appointment is almost unheard of.  (I once went to the post office while in labor to make sure a friends job reference request wasn't late.)   Of course, this is all to the glory of my planner , not  because of my wonderful memory.   Some people my husband say I plan too much.   There is no such thing as TOO much planning or organizing, or so I thought.  Then I  was asked to review the 2009 Schoolhouse Planner .  My first reactions was "sensory overload"!   

Boasting a whopping 374 pages, this is not your average cookie-cutter planner.  Instead it's chocked full of homeschooling forms ranging from curriculum planning, to high school transcripts and field trip logs.   Any form you could possibly need is housed neatly inside the Schoolhouse Planner. 

Once you've gotten your homeschooling planned, organized and ready to roll THEN you can tackle your home.   There are 64 pages of home organization forms including shopping lists, meal planners, chore charts and even a place for your Chistmas card list!

Are you looking for a convenient place to keep all those facts that must be memorized, such as all the US Presidents, the periodic table of elements or a list of famous composers?  Then look no further!  The Schoolplanner not only has a section for it, but they've already assembled all the information!

In all seriousness, this planner has enough information to turn the most inept organizer into an on the ball kind of gal or guy!   Will you use/need it all, probably not.   However, since the planner comes in e-form you have the abilitiy to print and reprint the pages you need.  

Honestly, there is currently only about 5% of the planner that will work for us right now.  However, as the kids move up in their schooling that amount will drastically increase.  Over the long haul this will be a valuable tool that will make my life much easier!

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