Monday, July 6, 2009

United States Studies

This fall, we'll be starting on our journey across the U.S.A.   Unfortunately our journey will be via our studies, as it's not feasible for us to literally trek around the nation...oh but if funds were available I'd SO be all over that idea.

I've been gathering our items for the fall, and thought I was finished.   However, the folks over at Love to Learn sent an email out over the weekend that has some really good things that will really help us to tie the studies together.

For example,  the girls are both getting their own copy of  their United States Coloring Book.  This big 103-page book has plenty of facts and lots to color! Each two-page spread contains a map of the state shape, location, major industries, capital city, state bird and flower, plus a scene to color that is typical of that state's landscape or industries.

They also have a wonderful U.S.A. Floor Puzzle, that comes with a  World Geograpy Atlas Activity for FREE! 

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So I'm pretty certain I'll be doing some shopping after the kids are in bed and I can look through all of their resources in their online catalog.

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