Friday, August 14, 2009

Glimpses of Week 1

We've wrapped up our first "official" week of school for the year.  I use that term loosely, since we've been working almost all summer, in an abbreviated form.   Besides our trip to the Wild Animal Park, this week we worked on getting back into a routine, and focused all our effort on  reading, writing and math, and crafts (when in doubt, make a craft!)

Even though it's the end of summer, the girls had a blast making their own sandals.  The kits were a gift from friends, and thankfully both girls shoes were too big, so they'll get to wear them next summer too!

Lindsey is working on a Bible ABC's book in addition to her phonics work.   It keeps her busy while I'm helping Olivia.      We added this apple craft to our A page.

Today the girls made gifts for our Pastor and his wife, just to encourage them.   Lindsey made a lovely self portrait...

Olivia made a  Perler Bead heart for Ms. is a "during" photo....I have NO clue what happened to the "after" photo, or the finished product.  I'm thinking Olivia stuck it in her Bible...but I could be wrong.

We also made a trip to the library today to pick up books that we'll need next week as we start our journey through Cantering the Country.   We'll be studying the states in chronological order.   I'm wondering how hard it would be on the kids to make a day trip to Delaware from here????

I  had Olivia write her first official letter this week.  We have out of state friends with a boy Olivia's age.  He's a hates to write with a passion reluctant writer, but he's smitten with Olivia; so we're hoping that it is enough to encourage him to pick up the old pencil!  We shall see.

We added a new insect to our bug jar in the dining room.   Meet Edwards, the katydid!

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