Monday, August 17, 2009

The Quarter Mile Math – Barnum Software (Review)

In previous posts (here and here) I have lamented over Olivia's mathematical challenges.  We now find ourselves in yet another stand still as we struggle with greater and least .   The arrival of The Quarter Mile Math program could not have been any better!   The fact that she gets to use the computer more, AND race a horse across a meadow, totally overshadows the fact that she's working on math concepts that she's struggling with.   I've been able to pick the addition and subtraction topics that Olivia needs to strengthen and let her work during on her own time, knowing that the program will keep track for me and I can easily see her progress and determine if she's ready to move on or not. 

There are 6 products to choose from in the Quarter Mile Math program:   All products are available in either Standard (no internet needed and no added fees) or Deluxe (internet is necessary and their is a cost per month or year to keep scores/records)  The additional costs to the Deluxe version is very budget friendly $2.95 per month per family; $19.95 per family for one year (save $15.45 over one year) and $34.95 per family for two years (save $35.85 over two years).

Level 1                                      PK-3        $39.95
Level 2                                      4-6           $39.95
Level 3                                      6-9           $39.95
Levels 1&2 Bundle                    K-6           $64.95
Levels 2&3 Bundle                    4-9           $64.95
Levels 1, 2 & 3 Bundle              K-9           $89.95

Inside each level you get to pick what area your child works on.  With over 323 topics and  70,000 problems, there's no need to worry that they'll run out of problems before they master each skill.  Once the skill is mastered, you can continue to work on speed to make your childs math skills become second nature.   The topics covered range from keyboarding and alphabet (great for the younger kids) all the way up to pre-algebra!    There is literally something for everyone in this program.    Recently, Quarter Mile Math has added resources specifically for homeschool families!

You can enter each childs name and add individual passwords for each child.  I liked this feature because it helps me to make sure that each child is working in their own area.  I don't have to worry about Olivia accidentally giving Lindsey REALLY good scores for her grade level.   The Quarter MIle Math topics correlate to all state math standards and to the NCTM standards.  

Installation of the software was easy.  The only "glitch" we've had is that on occasion the program will say that Olivia is already logged in on another computer (we only have 1 computer).  If that happens, I normally just have to wait and try logging her on again.

Overall, I'm really pleased with this product.   We're using it to work on our keyboarding skills as well as our math reinforcement.   This will continue to get a workout for years to come!

As a special bonus for my readers, Quarter Mile Math is offering a $5 discount off of any of their products, standard or deluxe version.   To get this discount, simply enter referral number 7J7R7 on the online order form.   This $5 discount referral is good through September 30, 2009.

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