Saturday, September 19, 2009

Bright Ideas Press (Review)

This year (and probably next as well) we're studying the 50 states in depth.  (Thus my many posts about Delaware the last couple of weeks.)     Since our main topic is geography, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to review Hands on Geography and the Student History Notebook of America both by Bright Ideas Press.    

Hands on Geography offers 142 pages of activities, maps and fun resources to enhance your geography studies, regardless of whether you are studying local, state or world geography.  You'll find information on how to create your own books and games, as well as outline maps and timeline resources.   This product costs $14.95, and is worth every cent as it gives new life to your geographical studies.    We have already implemented several of the activities into our study of Delaware, including making our own jigsaw puzzle!   Hands on learning is the way to my kids hearts (and thinking caps). 

The Student History Notebook of America sells for $12.95, and is not a "curriculum", rather it is a tool to use along with your studies to help students to create their own notebook of American history.  There are various pages for recording specific information, such as:

10 Outline Maps
States and Capitals
Pledge of Allegiance
Field Trips and  much more!

Along with the forms listed above, there are tips, ideas and samples throughout the book to help the student to get the most out of this valuable resource.

With the current ages of my children, this particular product will be one we'll hold onto until a later time when they are both writing faster (and smaller) in order to get all of the important facts and information into the area provided.   We'll be using both of these books  later when we study American history as the kids get older.

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Disclosure: This product was provided to our family for free as members of the 2009-2010 Old Schoolhouse Magazine Homeschool Crew. Reviews and opinions expressed in this blog are our own.

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