Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tragedy in the Bug-o-sphere!

Today was a lovely day, mild temperatures, slight breeze and a happy Queen Esther (the praying mantis).   My husband took the bug-o-sphere outside to clean it, and find some new vittles er, um....cricket hatchlings,  for Queen Esther to nosh on.  She was moved from her home into a small container while the old leaves, sticks and bug debris were removed.  She was tweaked, but compliant.

Thomas and the girls began their search for the juiciest bugs in the yard, while Queen Esther watched them from the top of the picnic table.   It was around this time when a stiffer gust of wind blew the container off the table onto the brick patio below.  (I guess for a bug it would be the equivialent of a 4 story drop).   They  retrieved her container, she looked ok and so she was left sitting on the patio while they continued their search.   I noticed  through the kitchen window a bit later that Queen Esther was laying down.flat.not moving.still in the container.  So I went out to check....(PEOPLE MAKE SURE THE AIR HOLES ARE ON THE TOP WHERE AIR CAN GET IN, NOT ON THE BOTTOM WHERE AIR CAN'T GET IN BECAUSE BUGS NEED AIR).   So either the fall killed her, or she suffocated, not sure what the cause of death was (although it would have been fun to do an autopsy, but it WAS a pet and my husband wouldn't allow me to slice and dice her).

I called the spouse and kids out of the yard, the girls prayed....but Queen Esther was gone.   The girls asked if they could bury her by the big tree in the back yard (Donna, stop laughing, I KNOW they get this from me).  She had a lovely funeral.   Seriously....

The kids did a grand job of mourning the deceased.

I explained that normally at a funeral, someone always says a few words about the deceased (no not DISEASED SHE WASN'T SICK OLIVIA! YA'LL SUFFOCATED HER).  After that side trip to vocabulary-ville, Lindsey decided she had something to say.   In her sweet, sensitive manner she said


Seriously, it's the only funeral where I've laughed so hard I thought I'd pee on myself.

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