Sunday, January 3, 2010

Back to the Routine

The holidays have passed and now we delve back into the routine.   I'm probably the only one who is glad to do so! 

Thomas returns to full time employment tomorrow after being off work for two months!  (Thank you Jesus!)   Ballet and Awana and Co-op all start back this week as well.

The only unusual thing is that we've added a new family member to our routine in the last week.  My father-in-law was hospitalized the Sunday of Christmas weekend.  He was released on New Year's Eve and came home with us to finish recovering and regaining his strength.  It's been fun having him here.  The girls love to chit-chat with him (ok, they chit-chat and he smiles and nods a lot). 

Even though we haven't worked on lessons this past week, the girls have learned a lot watching the transition and changes in their Granddaddy.  They've shown remarkable compassion and love towards him, and have been little mother hens for him.

I'm looking forward to this New Year, and this new season we're in, both at school and in our family.  God is doing some remarkable things in our extended families, and it's awesome to watch it unfold!

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