Friday, February 12, 2010

George Washington Editions (Week 1)

Last week we focused on Abraham Lincoln and this week we're reading about George Washington. Again, I'm glad I had a few books on our shelves for this study, because the library has been a no go again this week because of the crazy weather.

Books we used:

Meet George Washinton, by Joan Heilbroner
George Washington - a Picture Book Biography, by James Cross Giblin

We found it interesting, that Washington's teeth weren't made of wood, but of hippopotamus teeth (eeew). I also learned from another source that Mt. Vernon is FREE on Monday February 15 for anyone wiithin driving distance! I've GOT to see if my new boss will let me have the day off and make it up on Wednesday!

In math, Olivia mastered two digit subtraction. I was worried to be honest. New concepts can get her in a tailspin on math,but this was grasped in the first few minutes. Thank God! She's actually starting to enjoy working math problems and asks for more problems to do when working with adding and subtracting. Shocking I know!

Lindsey is moving right along with all of her studies. Number 7 is no longer an issue, although 12 can throw her off for a bit. She's counting to 60 and still answers some of Olivia's math work for her. Writing her name in cursive is going SO much better! She's able to do it neatly, on a consistent basis these days.

Here the girls are working on their collages to wrap up our study of New Jersey.

We spent a lot of time at home this week . All of our extra curricular activities were cancelled again because of more snow and ice. To compensate, we baked cake mix cookies, made homemade hot cocoa and played lots of board games too. (And yes, we did a lot of this, including school in our pajamas!)

We did venture outside and make a totally cool (no pun intended) snow cave too. You can read about it and see more photos by clicking here.

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