Friday, March 5, 2010

Ancient Egypt Week 1

In order to complete several up coming product reviews, I've laid aside our planned studies for the next few weeks. We spent time playing some computerized math games (review pending) and did a lot of extra reading as well.

The majority of our time this week (and next) were spent learning about ancient Egypt as part of a product review that I'll be posting later in March.

I found a fun site that allows you to see how your name would be written in hieroglyphics. If you'd like to find out how to write your name, check out this site. If you hold your cursor over each item in the "name" below, it'll tell you what it is.

This first one is Lindsey's name:

Lion Reed Leaf Water Hand Folded Cloth Vulture Double Reed Leaf

Olivia is written like this.

Quail Chick Lion Reed Leaf Viper Reed Leaf Arm

Books we've used this week:

Read About Ancient Egyptians,
by David Ray
Life in Ancient Egypt; by William Crouch
Look Find & Learn World History; by Linda Williams Aber
Color & Learn Ancient Egypt; by Edupress

To add a little hands on learning, we made our own version of papyrus. I cut strips of paper, and then the girls dipped the strips into a mixture of 1 cup of flour and 2 cups of water. We layered the paper strips and then set them aside to dry.

After our papyrus dried for a day or so, the girls added their own heiroglyphics. Olivia did a story about tending the flocks in the desert. Lindsey's painting was more "modern art" (read: made no sense to me).

Homeschoolshare has an Ancient Egypt unit study and lapbook. We've incorporated the lapbook components into our study this week as well. I decided to only do 1 lapbook for this study, so I've had to delegate the tasks. Olivia is in charge of most (but not all) of the coloring; Lindsey does all of the pasting and some coloring. I've been doing most of the cutting at night when I'm pulling the project together after everyone is in bed. We plan to finish up next week and I'll have photos of the completed project then.

Olivia is preparing to compete in her first ballet performance awards competition. Starting this week, she attends classes on both Monday and Friday evenings for an hour. The instructor also sent home a CD with all of the students in the Junior 1 division. The CD allows the girls to practice at home and better work on their timing and form.

This was also the week to sign up for baseball. Olivia will be doing the rookie league (uses a pitching machine). Lindsey will finally get to play this year. Her league is "Blastball" I have no idea what to expect, but she's so excited it doesn't really matter.

Today as the first Friday of the month, so that meant no co-op. It was nice to be able to get up, fix breakfast and do our lessons at our regular pace. I was able to fix a nice sit down meal for us all before my husband left for work. I'm looking forward to getting that one day a week back in mid-May!

While I finished up the dishes, the husband spent some bonding time with the girls...poor guy.

To read about other homeschooling adventures this past week, head over to the Weekly Wrap Up.

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