Saturday, April 3, 2010

Connecticut, Week 2

The ballet performance awards were on Saturday, March 27. This was Olivia's first year to compete, and to be honest I was super nervous. Olivia was much more relaxed than I was. She did a wonderful job and earned a Silver Medal with Distinction honors. We were all so proud of her!

We colored Easter eggs on Saturday evening. It's amazing how many different egg kits you can buy now! I refused to buy the one with glitters and always winds up in the strangest places! We had a great time. My brother the biker comes by every year to color eggs with the girls, and this year was no exception.

Monday was a sick day. Olivia picked up a nasty stomach bug at church on Sunday and it landed her in bed or with her head in the toilet a great part of the day...sigh. Thankfully, it appears to have bypassed the rest of us. Lindsey had ballet and thankfully Olivia had finished she and I sat in the van while Lindsey danced and got her costume for the ballet recital!

Tuesday we were back in the saddle with our core subjects and our Connecticut study. I prepared a lovely study on skunks to go along with out Connecticut study, because Cantering the Country has it listed as an area to study for science. I assumed it was the state animal....I was wrong, the sperm whale is the state animal. I have no earthly idea why we're studying the skunk in concection with Connecticut. However, once the kids saw the books and the cute little hand puppet that I picked up from the library, there was no chance of NOT learning about skunks. I found a wonderful skunk printable at Enchanted Learning that was fun to color and discuss and it helped us learn to recognize skunk paw prints, which could come in handy and save us tomato juice bath one day!

Books we used:

The Adventures of Jimmy Skunk, by Thornton W. Burgess
Skunks, by Emilie U. Lepthien
Skunks Do More Than Stink, by D.M. Souza
Is There Room on the Feather Bed?, by Libby Moore Gray

Our famous person from Connecticut for the week was Noah Webster. Besides studying his life, we spent time working on using a dictionary more readily. This proved to be a time consuming task, due to the fact that we have 2 really great dictionaries that have lots of wonderful pictures and we got sidetracked, a lot!

Books we used:

Noah Wester and the First American Dictionary, by Luisanna Fodde Melis
Noah Webster Weaver of Words, by Pegi Deitz Shea
Webster's Elemnetary Dictionary
MacMillan Fully Illustrated Dictionary for Children

Olivia had a baseball scrimmage on Tuesday evening. During warm up she got plowed in the face with a wild ball thrown at really close range. Thankfully, it caught her on the jaw line instead of in the mouth. She's been rather subdued since then...go figure.

Wednesday was regular lessons and Awana in the evening. Between our school time and Awana, we worked in our flower beds. We put down12 bags of mulch, and I had to go back for several more to finish the task. On a side note, colored mulch stains your hands pretty if you see me anytime soon I really have bathed just doesn't look like it.

Thursday I worked till 1, then we had lunch and schoolwork. Back to the baseball field at 5 for a scrimmage for Olivia's team, and then Lindsey had her first Blastball practice at 7pm. The temperatures were near 80 and it was wonderful!

Friday there was no co-op so I'd hoped to make up an extra day this week. However, after missing a sick day on Monday we were no further ahead by the end of the week. The good news was it was also my birthday, and this year I didn't have to make my own birthday cake! We had company and she brought dinner AND a cake with homemade frosting that was too good!

Overall, it was a great week. We had fun, and it was great to get outdoors again. Head over to the Weekly Wrap Up to catch up on everyone else's happenings.
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