Friday, April 16, 2010

Connecticut…I’ve Lost Count of the Weeks


Weekly_Wrap-Up I keep saying that we’ll only spend 2 weeks on each state.  Apparently, I haven’t convinced myself yet, because we’re still taking 4-6 weeks on each one.   Oh well….such is life.

This week we focused mostly on famous writers of Connecticut, as well as a few stories that took place there.   The kids have fallen in love with Tomie DePaola!

Books we used:

Too Many Hopkins, by Tomie DePaola
Tomie DePaola’s Book of Poems, by Tomie DePaola
The Courage of Sarah Noble, by Alice Dalgliesh

We also completed our 2 page layout in the United States Coloring Book by Rod and Staff Publishing.

We ended our week with our state meal of New England Pot Roast and crumb cake.  The yummy recipes are from Eat Your Way Through the USA, by Loree` Pettit.

Early on in the week we went on a field trip to the Wildlife Center of Virginia.  This facility is an emergency care center for injured/sick/orphaned native animals.  You can read more about our trip by going here.

Our core subjects went well.  Nothing horribly traumatic, or overly brilliant so we’re good.   Lindsey’s reading has improved pretty quickly though.

We had our monthly homeschool activity day this week.  I taught on Chief Joseph and the Nez Perce.  Friday was co-op and I ended up teaching 5 out of 5 class periods instead of my standard 3.  (Did I mention only 4 more days of co-op are left!!)

Baseball is in full swing.  Unfortunately the weather has taken a turn and we almost froze at the Tuesday night game.   Seriously, we had on multiple layers and Lindsey and I ended up huddling under a blanket in the bleachers…it was only 48 degrees.

Kris at Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers is on spring break this week.  However, she still diligently posted a Weekly Wrap Up for us, so head over and take a look!


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  1. We love Tomie DePaola! I'll have to check out Too Many Hopkins ~ haven't read that one to the kids yet. Only 4 more co-ops can do it!

  2. I love your resources for state studies! We are getting ready to participate in a postcard swap, and these will be invaluable to us!

  3. That's the beauty of homeschool, you can go crazy on a subject if you choose to (or not). Oh baseball, we used to do that, you start out freezing, end up roasting and the schedule s grueling. But for some reason the kids love it :)

  4. I've really been enjoying your blog. I'm a fellow homeschooling mom, blogger, and aspiring writer. I've loved your resources for state studies, so gave a linkback to your blog as a homeschool resource.


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