Friday, May 14, 2010

The “I’m Not Sure What We Did” Wrap Up


Alright, maybe the title is a bit drastic.   However, it’s been one of those weeks where I don’t really feel like we accomplished a great deal other than just school work.  (And yet, it’s called homeSCHOOLing…so maybe that’s ok?)

Olivia started learning about Roman numerals this week.  She wasn’t as enthused about this as she was multiplication, but she did well with it.   Reading, writing and spelling were right on track, no earth shattering news on those fronts.

Lindsey is reading better each day. Her number recognition is much better and she’s counting to 100 a lot quicker than she was.

I totally dropped the ball on our Massachusetts study.  I had a list of books to get at the library to work on a ladybug unit (state bug, don’t ya know?).   Sad thing is, I could never get time to go to the library.  Maybe next week?

Monday, Olivia had baseball practice at 6:00 pm; Lindsey had ballet at 5:30pm and baseball team photos at 6:00 pm; followed by a baseball game at 7:00pm.    Thankfully, Olivia’s coach cancelled practice at the last minute, so that at least cut out the stress of having to be in 2 places at one time.

Tuesday was supposed to be Olivia’s team photos….but we got rained out at the last minute.  I managed to get some laundry done instead…woot!

Wednesday night was Awana.  Olivia’s St. Bernard car was defeated repeatedly in the Grand Prix.  Her best friends car won 3rd place for best in design, and I was happy to see Olivia jumping up in down in excitement for her friends win.

Thursday night, Olivia’s team had a baseball game scheduled.  Again, rained out at the last minute!  So we got to go to the grocery store and get real food!

Friday was the last day of co-op!  (insert angelic choir singing the hallelujah chorus here).  Then we were off to ballet and finished up with Lindsey having a baseball game at 7:00 pm.  (Although, it’s looking like we’re going to get rained out again!)

I also finished up my tour on the TOS Homeschool Crew this week.  I posted my final three product reviews and am now a has-been.  Although it was a great opportunity, reviewing 47 homeschool products in 9 months was a bit of a stretch.

So there you have it folks.  No photos, no earth shaking news….just a real life kind of week.  Be sure to check out the Weekly Wrap Up to see if the earth shook for anyone else this week.

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  1. Woo hoo for rainouts! It was a good, full week, and the ladybug can wait til next week, right? It's not going anywhere. :-)

  2. Sounds like you'll be busy until baseball season is over!

    Janet W

  3. I've had weeks like that, where you don't know which end is up. Baseball schedules are so taxing!

  4. At times I wish my kids were involved in sports ~ then I read how busy you are and change my mind! Lindsey amazes me, so does Olivia, multiplication already!


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