Friday, June 25, 2010

Ballet Camp and VBS

Weekly_Wrap-UpThis week was Little Princess Ballet Camp for Lindsey.  She had so much fun going to ballet every morning, for two hours!   Each day they focused on a new Disney Princess and did dance, songs, stories and crafts to go along with the Princess of the day.   The camp is for girls age 3-6, so there’s a pretty good assortment of ages and stages. 

On the last day of Princess Camp, the kids did a 15 minute presentation.   They were just too cute!  They divided the girls by age, 3&4’s together and then 5&6’s.   Lindsey was placed in the 5&6 group and she did really well.

053064 077In the evenings, both girls have been attending VBS (vacations Bible school) at the church where they go to Awana.   I LOVE the program!!  They are using “Answers in Genesis The Egypt File

The scenery that the church did for the skits was really awesome!  I love to see a church that is willing to invest time, money and resources into children!   Each child also had the option of getting one of these awesome t-shirts as well!


After the final program, we went out to the church playground and spent about an hour playing with friends.

040 043 044While the girls were at VBS each night, I worked in the gardens, worked on lesson plans and enjoyed some quiet, alone time!

Here are a few of the pretties from my garden this week.

010015 001 018 006 I hope everyone else had a fun week.  I know the girls enjoyed themselves a great deal this week, and so did I!   Visit the Weekly Wrap Up to check on everyone else!

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