Saturday, June 19, 2010

Clean Up on Aisle 7!


Olivia continues to grow stronger each day.  I think the virus she picked up did her far worse than the surgeries.  We had another low key week to make sure not to have any relapses.  Thanks again for those of you who have prayed for her recovery.

Spring cleaning got a late start around here!  It’s technically still spring…but I’m running out of time fast.  This week I focused on cleaning our sunporch, the master bedroom and both bathrooms thouroughly. The family room/classroom is next on my agenda!!

During the hot parts of the day, and the late nights I went into scrap frenzy mode.  I realized I hadn’t worked on any scrapbooking for over a year!  So, I managed to whip out 49 12X12 layouts over a couple of days and now we’re once again current.  Well, I had to order photos, so I’m current as far as the photos in my house!

Monday, our local library had the kickoff for the summer reading program.  My husband took the girls over to sign up while I cleaned.  I found it interesting that I sent them to sign up for the READING program…and they came home with 4 videos, 2 DVD’s and the registration packs…no books.   Sigh… Thankfully, I have a well stocked bookcase, so I picked out a pile of reading materials.

Olivia is apparently feeling much better (or is really bored).  On Wednesday she asked if we could start doing school again.  Yeeep, that’s what I like to hear!   So I’m thinking next week we’ll start working on some math for grins and giggles!

Seriously, that is pretty much our week.  I’ve got a lot cleaning, organizing and catching up accomplished around the house.  We’ve spent a lot of time reading together, resting and talking.   Just being a family!

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