Thursday, July 1, 2010

Feeling Hot Hot Hot!!

I’m not sure what happened to spring.  June consisted mostly of high 90’s – 100 degree weather, very high humidity and very little rain to show for it.   Our lawn is brown and crunchy.  However, while tackling the heat we did manage to water a circular pattern  in the back yard. 

Olivia learned a valuable lesson this week. Don’t EVER look in the end of a hose or water sprinkler when Daddy says “Do you see any water yet?”   Lindsey was wise enough to get out of the way.

018019 020 The girls spent the better part of a steamy afternoon dodging and darting in and out of the crazy water spray.  I’m sure the neighbors wondered what on earth all that screaming was about!   You have fun your way, we’ll have fun ours!

015  023 022

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