Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Lily, Word Girl and Lindsey

Way back, many moons ago when we got rid of the evil little Jack Russell Terrorist, we promised the girls fish.  I went out and bought a fish tank and waited for it to get set up and filled with fish.  Yeah, so more than 18 MONTHS later, I decided to do it myself.   It was a surprise for when the girls came home Saturday.

It’s not a big tank, a Tetra 1.5 gallon.  Pretty basic really.  It has a nifty light at the top, that has interchangeable red and blue lenses, in case the fish want a change of scenery.    I added some blue rocks that I found at a yard sale for 50 cents.   We still need a plant, or a castle of something to add interest.    However, I thought I’d wait and see if the fish lived before I did all of that. 

Olivia planned to get 5 fish, and name them after the cast of “Little House on the Prairie”.   Lindsey wanted 5 fish, just because she wasn’t about to be outdone by her sister.  

We stopped at Petsmart and the gal there was very helpful.  She helped point us towards fish that don’t need a heater, are pretty hardy and don’t grow excessively.   Although, she did say that we could only have about 3 fish in the tank and I’m thinking she was wrong on that count.

So we purchased three of the little darlings, you can see them on the right side of the tank, midway up. 

003Olivia wanted to name her fish “Word Girl” (lots of tv time at Mamaw’s apparently).   Lindsey named her fish, Lindsey. You’d think she’d be more creative with naming things.  The third fish they picked out was to be named  Willie, and belong to Mamaw.  Except we pointed out that they gave us a female fish that is very much needing to lay some eggs.  So she has since been named Lily.

I’m definitely liking this more than the dog….shudder.

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