Friday, July 9, 2010

Weekly Wrap Up – The One Without Kids


I hope everyone had a great July 4th weekend!   We had a family cookout at my Mom’s on Saturday night (birthday/4th celebration).  We had a great time watching the cousins play together.   Olivia hot to hold her very first sparkler ever.   She’s been terrified of fireworks every year up until now.   Sunday our temperatures started to soar again, so we spent the majority of the day inside.  Although, we did light off fireworks around 9:30pm (with the water hose VERY close at hand).

On Monday the girls packed their suitcases and headed to Mamaw’s for the week.  To be honest, I didn’t know how well this was going to work.  They’ve never spent the night away from home, much less a week!    

As soon as they were out the door my husband and I went out on the town (such as it is).  Ok, we went to the book fair, then did some Christmas shopping, yes in July, in 100 degree heat.   Then we went to dinner.  It was amazing!   Not the food (it was good)….but I got to eat an entire meal, while it was still warm!  I didn’t have to cut anyone’s food, wipe up any spills or take anyone to the potty as soon as the food was served.  Very nice indeed.

Tuesday, I attacked the girls rooms with a vengeance.  I purged LOTS of toys.  Washed the curtains, sheets, comforters and dust ruffles.  All the walls, windows, furniture and floors got a good scrubbing as well.   Then I finished up my day setting up the fish tank that has been sitting here for almost 2 years.   So we’ll be buying fish when the kids get home.

Wednesday I planned our upcoming school year.   I plotted our course for the next 22 states that I want to cover (only made it through 6 last year).  Then I went online to the tourism department for each state and ordered travel guides to add filler to our state notebooks. My poor mailman will think we’re going on the longest vacation ever when he starts delivering this stuff!

Thursday the husband and I went out to lunch and picked up a few groceries.   After he left for work I decided to start cleaning our classroom and getting it organized.   It sounded like a good idea at the time, but my gosh it took a LONG time.  However, things are clean, organized and ready to roll.

Today the hubby and I went to lunch at a neat little Mexican place downtown.  Food was fantabulous!   New photos came in the mail today, so I’ll hopefully be scrapping later today after he goes to work.

Tomorrow (Saturday) we go get the kids.   It’s been awfully quiet around here without them.

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