Thursday, September 16, 2010

Green Eggs and Ham – Activity Day

September marks the start of a new year for our local Activity Day group.  We meet the third Thursday of each month for 2 hours.  This year I decided to teach a Dr. Seuss themed class for the 5-year old crew!  

What better book to start with every kids favorite, Green Eggs and Ham?


We started off by reading our book and talking about rhyming words.  We pretended to be popcorn, and POPPED up every time we heard a “am” rhyming word".

While we were still into rhyming, I gave each child a copy of the Pam and Sam printable book from Hubbard's Cupboard.  We read together, giving the children time to sound out (or flat our read) the rhyming words.  Then I read it faster and faster having the kids POP UP for the rhyming words.

After we’d worked out some of their energy being popcorn, we made our own placemats.  Prior to class, I printed and cut out all the “utensils” and “dishes” using the templates from this site.   We had a brief lesson on proper table setting and then let the kids assemble all of their items on their placemat.   Once finished we covered both sides of the mats with clear contact paper and then we were ready for snack. (Originally, it was going to be green egg jigglers and ham rollups, but the leaders of Activity Day provided snack…and egg jigglers are a pain in the butt to make.)

002005 After snack time, we played pin the eggs on the plate from the Seussville site!  This was a scream and all the kids had so much fun!  We filled in some time with a few coloring sheets from the Seussville site as well.

006 008

010Then we all did the “Clean Up” song and prepared to go home.  Everyone seemed to have a great time and I’m looking forward to next months class! 

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  1. We love Green Eggs and Ham; it's such a fun book to read.

  2. How fun! They look like they enjoyed the activities you presented. Everyone loves Dr. Seuss!


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