Friday, September 3, 2010

Weekly Wrap Up – The Short One


This was an abbreviated school week for us.  Three full days, a VERY light day on Thursday (I went to the hospital to see my friend Amy’s beautiful new daughter) and no school Friday (so I could clean the house and prepare for Lindsey’s 5th birthday party)!  Woohoo!

We moved on to New Hampshire in our state studies.  This week we colored our state map, completed our state report form and read about the original New Hampshire Colony.  I also added a read aloud from the American Girl series.  The girls are enjoying the read aloud time, and so am I!

Books we used:

The New Hampshire Colony; by Bob Italia
The Colony of New Hampshire; by Susan Whitehurst
New Hampshire; by Deborah Kent
Enemy in the Fort; by Sarah Masters Buckey

We studied the Solar System more in depth.  We read about the various planets and memorized the order of the planets from the sun.  Pluto is still a planet in my world, and in several of the books we used.  In some books it’s just a “dwarf” no longer a planet.  Poor  Pluto!

Books we used:

Mercury and Venus; by Rosalind Mist
Earth and Mars; by Rosalind Mist
Jupiter and Saturn; by Rosalind Mist
Uranus, Neptune and the Dwarf Planets; by Rosalind Mist
Pluto: From Planet to Dwarf; by Elaine Landau

Language arts and math were the standard.  Nothing overly noteworthy.   Latin is going well.   Lindsey has a harder time remembering the phrases than Olivia, which frustrates her greatly. 

Piano is going well for Olivia.  She’s practicing daily and picking up on it pretty quickly.   There was only one baseball game this week and it was great!  The Pirates won 15-0!  Olivia actually drove in 2 of those points!  She’s still really leery when people are throwing the ball around, but she’s playing again!

I hope everyone else’s week was wonderful!  Enjoy the long weekend, and go by the Weekly Wrap Up in your spare time!

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  1. Looks like you got a lot in for a short week. Hope the party goes well.

  2. Just visiting from Weekly Wrap-up. My son is only (almost) 3, but it's great to get a glimpse at what homeschooling will be like when he's older. It's nice that homeschooling gives you the flexibility to make it a short week when needed and make up for it whenever you want. :)

  3. I am saddened by Pluto's demotion too.

    It sounds like great week!

  4. Love the book lists. Sounds like a great week!

  5. Sounds like a good week! I do feel bad for poor Pluto, though. I'll always think of it as a planet!

    My kids are very different in their learning styles, like yours - except reversed. My daughter is a quick learner, but my son has dyslexia, so he learns but not the same way his sister does. So, enjoy the learning curve!

  6. I'm with you about Pluto! I think I would be a little nervous if I had been hit in the face while playing ball too ~ poor thing!


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