Wednesday, September 15, 2010

When Vacation and Field Trip Collide!

We took a short vacation to the beach for a couple of days.  On day one of our trip it was raining (typically, it rains the ENTIRE time we are there).   So we took advantage of the Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center while we were there.    What I didn’t know, what a local radio station was holding “Kids Day Out” at the aquarium, so it was really crowded…BUT our kids got in free so that saved us $24! 

I totally loved this exhit of the earth in rotation.  It really helped both girls understand the concept so much better than my spinning the globe by hand.   There were various buttons to push that changed the earth to show air pollution, wind currents, and global temperatures.

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Truthfully, the kids were so mesmerized by all the sea creatures that I truly doubt they would have noticed the big ole earth spinning around had I not forced encouraged them to go check it out.

015 016018The view of a stingray from the underneath side is too funny.  They have a little smiley fact on their tummy.   I had to sit and chuckle as I envisioned an uneducated diver coming face to “face” with one of these and thinking it was a ghost for sure.


Olivia was really interested in the entrails of a shark…eew.

039041043036 030 049Too bad the rest of the family was eaten by a shark…but at least I have the moment captured on film!


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