Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Flower Detectives

I love being able to combine several different “subjects” into one activity.  In science, we’ve been studying the anatomy of the flower.  So today we went outside to look at real flowers, identify various components and then draw samples.  So we covered science, art and nature study into one fun activity.

Here they are studying one of the few remaining gladiolas in the yard!.  This particular specimen was WONDERFUL for helping them to identify the stamen and pistil…not to mention it’s just lovely!

021 008
The orange cosmos gave a good view of how the seeds develop.  There were flowers in various stages of seeding.

024 023 The mums were a lot easier to draw.

027 We also have a few 4 O’clocks blooming as well.  I have one plant that has white, yellow and fuchsia flowers on it.  However, only the yellow was open during class time!



We finished up with a drawing of one of my indoor African violets.

033 035Finally, here are a few other random photos from our trek outside today.  I find it interesting that I have gladiolas still blooming after the first frost!

029   019 026

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