Thursday, November 11, 2010

Felicity Unit Study

The American Girl books are one of Olivia and Lindsey’s favorite series.   I love the way they are written, and that they are wholesome books.

During our state study of Virginia we watched the Felicity movie.  I’m not sure if that is what caused this character to be the absolute favorite or if it’s just the lovely Felicity that is so endearing.  Either way, this was a series that just beckoned for more than a quick reading.   

Books we used:

Meet Felicity; by Valerie Tripp
Happy Birthday Felicity; by Valerie Tripp
Felicity Saves the Day; by Valerie Tripp
Felicity’s Dancing Shoes; by Valerie Tripp
Felicity Takes a Dare; by Valerie Tripp
Felicity Learns a Lesson; by Valerie Tripp
Felicity Discovers a Secret; by Valerie Tripp
Changes for Felicity; by Valerie Tripp
Felicity’s Cook Book; Pleasant Company Publications
Felicity’s Craft Book; Pleasant Company Publications

We worked together on a lapbook using the American Girl templates from Homeschool Share.  Here are some photos of the finished product.


During our study, we also focused on manners, because good manners should never go out of style.   Both Olivia and Lindsey already know how to curtsy properly from their lovely ballet instructors.  We spent time working on table manners, conversational skills and dancing etiquette.  We even learned to dance the minuet!  (Olivia is living for the day that she can attend the Old Virginia Ball…only 6 more years to go.)

The Minuet

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 Afternoon Tea

I’m a huge tea fan, so this was one of my favorite parts of our study.  We had a lovely time as we role played.  I was Ms. Manderly, Olivia was Felicity and Lindsey was Elizabeth Cole.  We used Thomas’ grandmothers crystal sugar and creamer set; along with some antique tea cups I’ve collected along the way.

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Folding Fans002003

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Mob Cap

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Pin Cushion and Embroidery
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Recipes and links:

Breakfast Puffs
Queen Cakes
Liberty Tea
Dressed Eggs
Johnny Cakes
Whipped Syllabub (we omitted the alcohol)

Crafts and links.
Folding Fans
Friendship Pincushion (embroidery)
Tussie Mussie
Mob Cap

This was our absolute FAVORITE thing this school year!

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  1. What wonderful girlie activities! My girls would B-E-G me to do this with them too. Thanks for sharing.

  2. My daughter went to a Felicity party a couple of years ago, and all of the girls LOVED it. It looks like you had lots of fun and I'll bet this is the kind of thing they remember when they grow up.


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