Monday, January 10, 2011

Good Vocabulary Strikes Again!

Lindsey is a talker. She started speaking in complete sentences before 12 months of age and quite honestly has never shut up.  (Yes I said shut up.)   In those 4 years of talking, she’s developed quite an interesting vocabulary.  For example:

Today I walked into Olivia’s room and found Lindsey collecting an assortment of items, to be…stolen, for lack of a better term.  The logical question from me was “what are you doing?”….”collecting stuff for my babies” she replied.  “You’re TAKING things from Olivia’s toy box for YOUR babies?”

Crickets chirping.

“Can you repeat the question, please?”  she asks softly.

“You’re STEALING toys from Olivia’s room for your babies?” (rewording sometimes helps in these instances.)

Bartering Mom, we’re bartering.”  (Nice try!)

“Bartering usually means both people have something to offer the other one.  And BOTH people have to know it’s happening, or else it’s not bartering.”   I explained.

Crickets chirping…

“Ohhhhhh…….Olivia….can I PLEASE have this stuff???”

You’ve got to admit, she’s quick thinking in these situations.

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