Saturday, January 15, 2011

Life Skills–Child Care

Hands on learning is learning at its best!   We homeschoolers can turn anything into a lesson of some sort.  Babysitting is about as hands on as it gets!

We are not babysitting Eliana every week anymore.  However, recently we were the “backup plan” and had an opportunity to work on a few things we had not covered yet.

Lesson number 1:   you don’t have to have a bunch of “stuff” for a baby, necessarily.  So when you don’t have what you need, you improvise…a tisket, a tasket…the baby fits nicely in a laundry basket!


Next on the agenda was unassisted diaper changing.  Olivia did very well.  (Gotta love those chunky little thighs.)





Both girls love the entertaining the baby.  Although, Olivia and Eliana seem to have a closer bond than Lindsey and Ellie.



Happy babies are a good thing!


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