Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Freebie Crafts

First let me state that this is NOT a plug for any particular chain of stores.  However I thought this might be something that my readers are interested in.

Lowe’s offers a FREE craft day twice a month. (Check your local store for their schedule.)  The projects are relatively easy.  After completing the project, children are given a FREE patch to attach to their FREE apron.  They also get a lovely little certificate for each project (yup, free).

This past weekend the craft was a little wooden music box.  The girls LOVE going with Daddy to work on these little treasures.


Home Depot typically does a once a month free day too.  Again, check your local store for their schedule.  Same deal there – free craft, apron and buttons to go on the apron.

I will point out one sad thing…typically my husband is the only guy there.  It’s always moms and grandma’s trying to build with their kids/grandkids.  My hubby becomes the community building expert, and he loves it.  But come on dads…STEP UP, do stuff with your kids!!


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