Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valentines Day–Sharing the Love, and the Calories

Elf-ing at Christmas is one of our favorite things.  We love making goodies and then randomly showing up at people’s homes/work for a drive by elf-ing.   I read on another blog recently (and I wrote the name down and now can’t find it) about the fun of “cupid-ing” and had an ah-ha moment!  Why not share the love at Valentines Day…duh!

So this week we’ve been making homemade Valentines cards and goodies!   Cherry chip cookies with cherry frosting and LOTS of sprinkles!   I’m not a big fan of fruit flavors, but I have to admit these were very good!



The little heart warmers targeted the neighbors, da coach, and the ballet studio.   Then just for grins and giggles they picked a few strangers who looked a bit stunned at first by cute children presenting them with love and cookies.



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