Monday, March 14, 2011

Performance Awards–Level 2

We live in one of those quaint little cities that offers wonderful, surprising opportunities for our children.   One of the true blessing we have is the local ballet studio.   The instructors are amazing and they care about their dancers.   Our particular studio is affiliated with the American Academy of Ballet.

Each year the students are given the opportunity to participate in the Performance Awards.  This gives each ballet student the opportunity to perform in a paired setting, as well as in a solo dance.  This was Olivia’s second year participating in the Performance Awards (thus, Level 2).

I’m  amazed to see the confidence level Olivia carries during the solo dance.  This same child who bursts into tears trying to sing with the Sunday school class at church, gets up there on stage puts on a smile and dances her little heart out, and enjoys it!

We are also privileged to have Mignon Furman judge the Performance Awards.  Ms. Furman is the Director of the American Academy of Ballet.   She’s very witty, and gracious.  What I like about her is that she encourages the parents to support and encourage their dancers.

Now, this would be a wonderful time for me to throw in a photo of Olivia dancing wouldn’t it?  Well, yeah…but I watched her dance.  I enjoyed the moment and just watched.  (Yeah, and the professional photographer who was there does a much better job than I could ever do.  I’ll be buying those photos later!)

I do however have some poor quality photos of Olivia receiving her certificate and medal (silver with double distinction honors).

performance awards 004

performance awards 005

And a lovely (yet poor quality) photo of Olivia and Ms. Furman.

performance awards 007

Seriously, would you have wanted me to post action photos, when the still photos are…shoddy? 

performance awards 009

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