Friday, March 11, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up–Arkansas


This week has worn me out.  I don’t know why, there wasn’t anything any different about it, but still I’m exhausted!   Monday Olivia had another follow up with the ENT.  As I suspected, her tubes have come out (in less than 8 months), the right ear is filled back up with fluid and we’re back to a 20-30 decibel hearing loss.  The ENT is treating her with a steroid to see if we can get the Eustachian tube to function properly…if not we’ll be looking at another surgery this summer…go steroids go!

Language Arts:   The main focus in First Language Lessons was linking verbs.  The girls love the little chants that we use to remember the lists of verbs.

Spelling:  Olivia finished up year 2 of All About Spelling.  I’ll be supplementing the rest of the year with some spelling lists I found online at Super Teacher Worksheets.

Math:  Thankfully, this was a review week for Olivia.  Other than introducing the 5 times table, there were no new concepts!   Lindsey is working on her addition facts through the 9 family.

Science:  We briefly skimmed over human reproduction.   We focused mainly on the way the cells multiply as the baby grows in the womb.  Thankfully, nobody asked HOW it got there, so I‘ve dodged that topic for a bit longer.

Geography/History:   The girls enjoyed studying Arkansas, mostly because Sam Walton is from Arkansas and they are both huge Wal-Mart fans.  Me, not so much.   We also studied Bill Clinton.  Did you know that he was born William Blythe III?   His father was killed in a car wreck several months before Bill was born.  His mother later remarried Roger Clinton and Bill changed his name as a teen to try to form a closer bond with his younger half brother.

Another interesting fact is that Crater of Diamonds State Park, near Murfreesboro, actually allows the public to mine for diamonds onsite.  I think that would be one of the coolest field trips if we ever make it out that way!

Books we used:

From Sea to Shining Sea, Arkansas; by Dennis Brendell Frading and Judith Bloom Frading
Arkansas; by G. S. Prentzas
Arkansas; by Domenica Di Piazza
Arkansas; by Rebecca Olien
Bill Clinton; by Hal Marcovitz
Bill Clinton; by Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr.
The Habit of Rivers, Reflections of Trout Streams and Fly Fishing; by Ted Leeson
The Insider’s Guide to Trout Fishing, VHS

Ballet:   The Performance Awards are this weekend and Olivia has been practicing fervently all week.   Lindsey is saying this will be her last year in dance…I guess time will tell.

Awana:  Still plugging along.  Lindsey has completed her book and is about 1/3 through it a 2nd time.  Olivia will finish up her book in another week or so.

Piano:   Great week of practice and lessons.  Olivia loves her music, and her teacher!

Please pray for those affected by the earthquake and tsunami.  When you’ve finished that task, check out the rest of the Weekly Wrap Up!

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  1. Oh, no on the tubes! We might be heading to tonsils/adenoid surgery this summer with my youngest. Stopping by Weekly Wrap-up!


  2. Looks like it was a good week -except for the tubes coming out... that must be tough. Does it cause her pain? Fortunately my kids didn't have problems with their ears (except that one year when BOTH of them had one burst eardrum each- wind and sand, not a good combo!)
    We will be praying as well for the families and individuals in Japan, so terrible :(

  3. I have some friends who moved close to Murfreesboro recently, now I'm really going to have to go visit them. Thanks for the heads up on that (I'm in SW Mo so I'm fairly close anyway).

  4. Your such a busy bee! Sorry about the ears :( I'm looking to start Naomi in Ballet next Fall when she's five. Does that sound like a good age to you, or did you wait until 6 (or maybe I'm already "late!")

  5. We are Arkansans and I'm glad you had fun studying our state! We have yet to go dig for diamonds at the National Park, but that's on my list of to-do's:)
    If you ever visit our state there are many more interesting historical sites and parks~it truly is a beautiful natural state.


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