Friday, April 22, 2011

Activity Day–The Lorax

The Lorax.jpg

It just so happened that this month, our Activity Day meeting fell the day before Earth Day.  So what better book than “The Lorax”?   After reading the book, we discussed animal habitats, and how animals use their surroundings to create their homes, find food and be protected.   I brought out the bird nests again for a great visual.


We planted some cherry trees and sunflower seeds to create a future habitat for various insects and food for birds and squirrels.


I also stole this wonderful experiment about water pollution from Cindy at Along the Way.   The kids loved adding various debris and pollution to the water and then trying to decontaminate it as much as possible.




I printed off some simple Creation mini-books.  As we worked on coloring them we discussed how God had made the earth and the things on it, and that He told us to take care of it. (Genesis 2:15)

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  1. God created this earth and we are just stewards of it.

    A refreshing change from the tree-hugger,evolution viewpoint.:-)


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