Friday, April 8, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up–Texas Week #2


Whoosh!  That’s the sound of my week as the flurry of activity swept me away!  Our academic year is quickly coming to an end and I’ll admit I’m looking forward to a bit of breathing room.  We had three softball practices, two baseball practices and a scrimmage in addition to our regular activities.  

History/geography:  We finished up Texas this week.  Our main focus was on the Alamo and Jim Bowie.   Did you know that Jim Bowie fell ill before the siege of the Alamo and was too ill to even raise his head during the battle?  He was killed where he lay.  Santa Ana was one cruel and crazy leader, and an opium addict…THAT explains a lot!  I had printed out an Alamo fact sheet and picture for the girls to put in their notebooks.  Olivia colored the majority of her paper red.  “Because there was too much blood shed there.” 

Books we used:

Jim Bowie, Frontier Legend, Alamo Hero; by J.R. Edmondson
The Alamo; by Tim McNees
Life at the Alamo; by Sally Senzell Isaacs
Inside the Alamo; by Jim Murphy
Adventures of Jim Bowie (VHS)

Science:  We studied the endocrine and muscular systems this week.  We finished our mini-me, adding eyes and muscles.  Then our finished projects went in the girls science notebooks.   This ended our science curriculum for the year.

Latin:  Gardening words were our topic for the week.  Those have come in handy as we are planting seeds and starting our garden for the year.

Language Arts:  We finished up our “Year” poetry notebooks and illustrations.  We continued to review nouns, verbs and adjectives.

Math:  We are on our last few lessons of math, so they are mostly just reviewing previously learned skills.  We’ll spend the summer months strengthening weak areas.

Softball/baseball:  We finally got the schedules for both teams.  The only weekend game for softball is May 8…Mother’s Day.  What ding-dong schedules a softball game on Mother’s Day?  Sadly, we’ll have to go because it’s the only game my husband will get to see.  The first game for baseball is April 15, and the first softball game is April 18.

Piano/ballet/tap:  Nothing too noteworthy here.  Everyone continues to work on their recital work.

Awana:   Both girls have finished their books and are now working their way back through.

I ordered all of our curriculum for next year!  So be looking for a post about what we’re doing in 2011-2012 (gosh that sounds odd).

Check out the Weekly Wrap Up as you sit and take a break!

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  1. Can you believe this year is almost "done"? Wild! Can't wait to read what's in store for your next year :-)


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