Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Extra-Curricular Activities

As we all know, the “socialization” issue is a farce.  The biggest issue for most of us is trying not to over commit, and actually have enough time at home for homeschooling!

Since the curriculum choices are made, bought and unpacked it’s time to start looking at what activities the girls will be participating in outside the home.

Sadly, it doesn’t appear that our monthly Activity Day program will be happening this year. There are several new co-ops in the area and I think those have taken higher priority.  So far for next year we only have 3 teachers (me being one of them), no director or co-director either…so yeah unless something drastic happens soon, it’s a lost cause.  Personally that really bugs me and the girls, but some things are just out of our control.

So what are we doing?  Well, here is what I know for now.

Ballet/tap:  I do know that both girls will continue in ballet/tap classes.  This year will be more involved as both girls move into 1 hour classes, two nights per week.  Since Lindsey is skipping a level that means both girls will be performing in Nutcracker and the Performance Awards too.

Piano:   Olivia will continue to take weekly piano lessons.  

Awana:  Both girls love the Awana program and the local church that hosts it.  So definitely keeping this on our must do list.  This will be a weekly commitment. 

American Heritage Girl:   This is a new opportunity that I’ll be looking into during the local chapter informational meeting in August.  I love the fact that the program is Christ centered, works on character training through community service opportunities.   This would only be a 2 day a month commitment.

4-H:  Dropping this one.  Although 4-H is an awesome program both my girls still fall into the “Clover Bud” age group.  Which means they pretty much do nothing besides an occasional coloring sheet while the older kids learn and do real things.  So at least for this year we’re stepping out of this activity.    However, we will be using some of their Publications and Resources to enhance our school work throughout the year.

Of course there will be softball and baseball in the spring (and a possible fall league yet to be organized).  So the kids will be getting lots of exercise between dance and ball. 

What activities does your family participate in outside the home?

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  1. You are right: If we're not careful, we can be doing something every single day and never have time for school. I know there are philosophies that feel that's normal, but that's not the way we operate.

    Our Co-op location is about 20 minutes away, and there is so much to do that if we did everything we would never be home. They have an excellent IEW writing program and an art class. But those are usually during the week. Each Friday we have a Co-op activity, with PE/Music being two of those Fridays. This is what we always attend. And if there are REALLY GOOD field trips during the week, we'll attend those. But I just had to say "no" to writing and art and many of the other field trips and activities so we can be assured of some home time. I don't plan any traditional schoolwork on Fridays, so we can do as much running around and socializing as we want.

    So far my kids aren't interested in any sports. Brynne has expressed an interest in dance, but we might wait a bit longer. We're all kind of homebodies and I am soaking it in while I can!

  2. We have a co op each Thursday afternoon that is our priority....piano lessons for both kids and baseball and that is about our limit. We are contemplating swim team for my oldest, but have to be sure we can handle the time commitment!

    I have a friend that says you have to give up the good for the BEST! I agree. Pick one or two things and don't get frazzled by doing too much.


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