Friday, September 16, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up–The Kansas Edition


This week was the end of our first grading period.  (Only five more to go!)  The only reason I do grades at all is because Abeka has grading period sheets.  I do find that it’s helpful in giving me a more accurate picture of where the girls are in their classes. 

We had a small life altering happening this week.  Nothing horrible, so relax!  We did however add another new member to the household, a 7 week old beagle/blue tick mix.  He’s lovely, although his tummy isn’t adjusted to his new world just yet.  Read my post from earlier this week to find out how we came to get Shalom.


Now on to the school work!

Geography/history:  Kansas was on our road map for the week.  The “famous” person from Kansas was Russell Stover (of chocolate fame) and we couldn’t find a single book about him at the library.  So we ended up studying chocolate instead.

Books we used:

Sarah, Plain and Tall; by Patricia MacLachlan
Kansas; by Deborah Cannarella
Kansas; by Jenifer Nault
Kansas; by Charles Fredeen
Kansas; by Rebecca Olien
Chocolate From Start To Finish; by Samuel G. Woods
The Biography of Chocolate; by Adrianna Moranelli

Science:  We worked on learning the parts of a plant and the job of those parts.  We did some labeling and checked out some of my flowers in the gardens.

Math:  This week was MUCH better.  My review week apparently helped a lot.  Olivia moved into division and is doing well with it and multiplication now.  Lindsey’s new skill was counting change (dimes and pennies together).  So far so good.

Latin:  This was a built in review week so we went over our first 4 lessons, a lot.

Spelling:  Olivia finished lesson 5 in AAS.   Lindsey completed her 2nd list of spelling words this week as well.

Ballet/tap:   Dance started back up this week.  Both girls are really enjoying the twice a week classes.  This weekend is Nutcracker auditions!

Piano:  Olivia started back to piano last week.  We moved to a new day and time and that seems to be working much better with our schedule as well.

I’m also hosting a wonderful giveaway this week.  One super lucky winner will receive a free download of My Memories (digital scrapbooking software).   Enter to win by reading my review/giveaway post here!


Be sure to visit this weeks Weekly Wrap Up when you get a chance!

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  1. That puppy is gorgeous!

    Good luck to your girls for the Nutcracker auditions.

  2. Sounds like a great! How much chocolate was consumed in your house this week? :-)


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