Friday, September 23, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up–The West Virginia Edition


Oh my word what a busy week!!   I feel like the little energizer bunny…go go go!   Because we were so busy (doctor appointments, revival at church, ballet auditions etc.) we skipped science, spelling and First Language Lessons to allow me to have time to breathe and pee.

Geography/history:   We touched on West Virginia this week.  I was hoping to pop across the mountain for a short field trip but that didn’t happen either, oh well.   The girls enjoyed the books by Cynthia Rylant a great deal!

Books we used:

West Virginia; by Barbara A. Somervill
West Virginia; by Domenica Di Piazza
The Bird House; by Cynthia Rylant
Appalachia, The Voices of Sleeping Birds; by Cynthia Rylant

Math:   Olivia began working on division last week and this week we moved into division with more than one number in the dividend. Truthfully I was concerned that it would cause a major math hiccup, but not so!  Olivia sailed right through, much to my delight!!  Lindsey started learning about nickels and counting by 5’s.

Reading:  Olivia is working her way through Pilgrims Progress.   Lindsey has read way ahead in her current reader Tip Toes.

Writing:   Lindsey’s cursive is getting a lot neater.   This week we focused on her lower case q’s, z’s and x’s.   Olivia finished her first semester of Writing Strands and is loving her Cursive Writing Skillbook.  The fact that she’s writing and reading about animals makes her enjoy and retain it!

Latin:   We began working on lesson 6 of Prima Latina.  The focus of this weeks lesson was nouns.

Ballet/tap:  Auditions for Nutcracker were held on Saturday.  We go tomorrow to find out the roles and also for costume fittings.  Both girls are giddy with excitement!   Having moved to ballet two nights a week has been great for both girls.  Lindsey is more challenged and enjoying it a great deal and I can see a visible improvement in both girls skill levels.

Awana:  This was our first week back to Awana.   Olivia moved into the T&T club and Lindsey is a 2nd year Spark.  I’m teaching the kindergarten Sparks (even though I don’t attend the church, they asked me if I’d like to help out which I thought was really awesome).

Piano:  Olivia continues to do well with piano.  We’ve moved her lessons to Friday afternoon this year and that works much better for us.

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