Friday, October 14, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up–The Colorado Edition



This has been a crazy weather week.  We had temperatures in the 80’s one day, in the 50’s a coupe days, low 40’s at night, a thunderstorm, some tornadoes and another earthquake, followed by three days of rain.   This is October?  In Virginia?

Besides the ever changing outside world, we had a pretty productive week.  We didn’t get in as much walking because of the weather, but we did enjoy a couple of spur of the moment afternoon teas.

Geography/history:  Colorado was our state of the week.  We also learned about Quanah Parke.  Although Quanah was not born in Colorado, he tied in because of his legacy with the Comanche people, who’s homeland was in part of Colorado.  Truthfully, my girls love any opportunity to study about Native Americans. 

Books we used:

Colorado, Land of Liberty; by Sandra J. Christian
Colorado; by Barbara A. Somervill
The Comanche; by Willard H. Rollings
The Comanche Indians; by Martin J. Mooney
The Last Comanche Chief; The Life and Times of Quanah Parker; by Bill Neeley
Quanah Parker, Comanche Chief; by Claire Wilson
Plains Warrior, Chief Quanah Parker and the Comanche's; by Albert Marrin
Purple Mountain Majesties; by Barbara Younger

Reading:  Olivia read Prairie School by Avi.  It was a short read, but it went with our study of Colorado.  Lindsey finished up the Beehive Reader this week.

Language Arts:  We continue to work on prepositions.  We also reviewed all of our memorized poems as well.

Spelling:   Lindsey’s spelling lists work on the special sounds she’s learned in phonics.   Olivia finished up lesson 8 in All About Spelling and spelling list number 10 from Super Teacher Worksheets.

Math:  Lindsey began working with calendars this week.  Olivia began working with triple digit division. Early in the week we were doing well…by mid week, not so much.  Much of Friday was spent in review.

Science:  We began studying electricity this week. We worked on simple circuits, and circuit breakers.  We also identified things throughout the house that need electricity to operate.

Latin:  The main focus in Lesson 9 was the numbers 1-5.  The girls keep switching mid-stream into Spanish, which is similar but not what we’re going for.

Awana:  Moving along quickly here. This week both girls will be reciting the books of the New Testament.  This was an easy week as they both have these memorized already.  I had a very light class this week…1 student is all!

Ballet:   Both girls have been learning dances for the performance awards (in March).  This weekend begins Nutcracker rehearsals so it’s full steam ahead now!

Piano:  Olivia’s piano instructor has gone back to work full time and we’re doing a different day and time for her lessons.  The new time/day works well for us, but so far the instructor has been late or had to reschedule each week…so we may need to make a change here, which I truly don’t want to do.

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That’s pretty much our week.  Be sure to visit the Weekly Wrap Up!

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  1. What a week! We have been struggling a little with math too, but I think patience and practice are working for us. We are from Colorado and I love my home state. I hope they enjoyed learning about it.



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