Thursday, October 6, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up–The Nebraska Edition


Our week started out with several field trips.  We attended homeschooler day at the Frontier Culture Museum, attended an open house at the Virginia Wildlife Center and  Lindsey sang at WorshipFest 2011.  


Geography/history:  Nebraska was our focal state this week.   President Gerald Ford was our famous person in our state study.  It’s amazing how homeschooling the kids points out the huge gaps in my education.  I did not know that 1) Gerald Ford was born Leslie Lynch King, Jr.  Nor did I know that he was the only president to ever fill the office without being elected to either vice president or president.  (He replaced Vice President Spiro Agnew and then President Richard Nixon after his resignation.)

Books we used:

Nebraska; by Ruth Bjorklund
Nebraska; by Ann Heinrichs
Nebraska; by Myra S. Weatherly
Sod Houses of the Great Plains; by Glen Rounds
Dandelions; by Eve Bunting
Encyclopedia of Presidents, Gerald Ford; by Paul P. Siperia
Getting to Know the Presidents, Gerald R. Ford; by Mike Venezia
Profiles of the Presidents, Gerald R. Ford; by Andrew Santella

Science:  We finished studying magnets and electromagnets this week. 

Reading:  Olivia read Anna’s Blizzard by Alison Hart.  She devoured this book in 2 sittings!   As we read the authors information in the back of the book we learned that Mrs. Hart lives locally and teaches creative writing at the local community college.  Pretty cool stuff!   Lindsey read through the Beehive Reader (now known as Cobweb the Cat).

Math:  Lindsey’s new skill this week is measuring with a ruler.  This went well, once she consistently started measuring from the right end of the ruler.  Olivia’s newest skill was dividing with a remainder…and it went good…whew!

Latin:   We finished up lesson 8 in Prima Latina this week.  The girls are doing well with this program and it’s flowing nicely.  We’re a week off where I’d hoped to be, but I skipped one week just because we were too busy and I need the extra time in other areas.

Language Arts:  I have NEVER understood prepositions   I hated sentence diagraming because I always had to guess at what the heck a preposition was.   Then low and behold First Language Lessons explained it in a simple form and gave me a list of words and tada!!  I understand it now, and so do the girls.  LOVE this program!!

Writing:  Olivia is working through her Abeka Cursive Skillbook and is loving it.  (I mean seriously, it’s all about animals, need I say more?)  She’s also working through the first of the Writing Strands books.   Lindsey is continuing to work on her cursive writing and is getting much neater in her work.

Awana:  Both girls have their new books for the year.  Lindsey recited her first 6 scriptures this week.  Olivia received her book this week so she’ll start the new recitations next week.  My kindergarten girls class is small, which is good because at least one of them really needs a lot of one on one work.  I’m really enjoying working with this group of kids!

Ballet/tap:  This will be our last free weekend before Nutcracker practices take over our lives!  Lots of dancing around the house going on here!

Once again, I’m posting my Weekly Wrap Up a day early.  I’ll be heading out of town tomorrow to the Extraordinary Women Conference, so I’ll post a link to W.U.S. when I get back home!

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