Friday, November 4, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up–The Montana Edition


Our week started off with some fresh snow, yeah, snow,in Virginia, in October.  Nutcracker performances were almost cancelled due to treacherous roads and power outages.  Then the temperatures rose, and we had mud; and now we’re back to very chilly weather, with frozen mud.

October 30 2011 046

Geography:  Studying Montana was especially fun for the girls.  My husband and father-in-law have traveled “out west” several times to go elk and buffalo hunting, so they had lots of stories to share with the girls.   Although both children are convinced they’ve never eaten elk or buffalo.  I’ll just let them live in their make believe world on this topic.

Books we used:

Montana; by Conrad R. Stein
Montana; by Charles and Linda George
Where the Waters Divide, a 3,000 Mile Trek Along America’s Continental Divide; by Karen Berger and Daniel R Smith
Grizzly Cub, Five Years in the Life of a Bear; by Rick McIntyre
The Grizzly Bear; by Steve Potts
The Biggest Bear; by Lynd Ward

Math:   This was mostly a review week for Olivia.  I was really glad of that.  She’s still having some struggles with finding the unknown number in an equation.   She knows the correct answer, but can’t for the life of her get the hang of how to lay it out on paper to prove the right answer.  Lindsey began working with thermometers, and telling time to the half hour this week.  No issues with either!

Science:   We learned about rainbows and mirrors this week.  We created a rainbow with a bowl of water, a mirror and some white cardstock.  Pretty cool stuff.

Writing:   Olivia has almost finished her first Writing Strands book.  She’s doing much better with her composition, so it’s working!  Lindsey has started doing more copy work, focusing mostly on neatness and cursive formation.

Latin, spelling and First Language Lessons are just plugging away. Nothing particularly noteworthy in any of these areas.

Ballet/tap/piano:   Regular lessons are full swing.   Nutcracker practices are slowly taking over. 

I spent a lot of this week getting ready for the newest life altering event.  (In the last 5 months we’ve had a parent move in, and added a new puppy.)  Check in next week to learn about the latest change.

Be sure to visit the Weekly Wrap Up and see how everyone else’s week went.

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