Saturday, December 10, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up–Stage Week

This has been one of the busiest weeks ever!!  The girls have had stage rehearsal every night this week (never at the same time, that would be too easy for me!  Olivia has been at practice for at least 3 hours each night, sometimes more.  Luckily Lindsey’s part is much smaller and practices have been shorter for her.  Still, between the 3 of us we logged in over 22 hours of Nutcracker practices just this week.   Now on to the show!

Reading:  Olivia finished reading Pollyanna and started on Gulliver’s Travels.  Lindsey is reading everything in sight!

Math:  Lindsey started counting by 50’s and telling time to 45 minutes.   Olivia went deeper into Roman numerals and also measurement equations.

Writing:  Olivia is still working through her Cursive Writing Skillbook from Abeka.  Lindsey is working on sentence structure and punctuation.

We typically study Christmas celebrations from other countries during this time.  However it didn’t happen this week.   We did surprise our neighbor with her gingerbread cookies and homemade cards for St. Nicholas Day (December 6).   It’s so much fun to see her get so excited about something so simple, but it reminds her of her childhood in Luxembourg.

Seriously, that’s pretty much it for the week.   I put in 54 hours at work this night (3rd shift).  Between that and all the Nutcracker practices I didn’t have the time or energy to do any great in depth studies.

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  1. Shew!! You have been busy. How exciting for your daughters though.

    Popping in from the Wrap-Up.


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