Friday, February 3, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up–The Oklahoma Edition

February in Virginia is typically cold, icy/snowy and gray and dreary.  However, this year the first week of February has been amazing!!   Highs in the high 70’s, sunny days, bright skies and FLOWERS are blooming.   Yes, my tulips have been fooled into thing spring is here.   I’m sure that the tulips, and the rest of Virginia will get a rude awakening soon enough.   In the meantime, the girls spent a lot of time outside this week playing with the dog and riding their scooters.

The week was once again packed with appointments, meetings and lack of sleep as the quest for the best option for a family member has run it’s course.   It appears things will be changing next week and then hopefully life will get back to normal around here.  (And hopefully I can get some real sleep each day.)

So having said that, once again we didn’t get go Latin, science or language arts.   We did focus on geography and history as we studied Oklahoma.   I even broke out my photo albums from my trip out west in the late 80’s. 

Books we used:

Beautiful Land, A Story of the Oklahoma Land Rush; by Nancy Antle
Will Rogers, Cowboy Philosopher; by Mary Malone
The Oklahoma City Bombing, Terror in the Heartland; by Victoria Sherrow
Oklahoma, By Tamra B. Orr
Oklahoma; by Linda Saylor-Marchant

Math, spelling, reading and writing are going smoothly.   Piano, ballet, choir and Awana are running like clock work.  So, that pretty much wraps up our week!   Be sure to check out the Weekly Wrap Up!

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