Thursday, March 15, 2012

Activity Day–Amelia Earhart

This month we focused on Amelia Earhart, aviation and navigating your course by the stars.  (That was a lot to cover in a 2 hour period!)  

We several biographies, worked on some constellation names and shapes, and identifying them in the sky.  Maybe it’s just me, but I totally don’t see all those pictures in the stars, maybe I need to use more imagination?

The absolute coolest thing though, were these amazing foam airplane kits I found at the Dollar Tree.   The girls spent a lot of time personalizing their planes.  Then while we let the glue and marker dry (or so we thought) we had snack.



Washable markers???  I think not.  Can we say false advertisement?


Proud pilots…




Finally we went outside for our solo flights.  Too much fun!



Books we used:

Amelia Earhart; by Marilyn Rosenthal and Daniel Freeman
Amelia Earhart Flies Around the World; by Kath Davies
Constellations; by Paul P. Sipiera
Glow in the Dark Constellations, A Field Guide for Young Stargazers; by C.E. Thompson

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