Friday, March 23, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up–The Outdoors Edition

We have had phenomenal weather this week.  High 70’s, no bugs, no humidity and only an occasional evening thunderstorm.  So much of our remaining school work was done outside!

Language Arts:  Olivia is finished for the year, with the exception of reading.   Lindsey still has a few more weeks of phonics and spelling to plow through.

Math:  Olivia started working with long division.  I was hoping it would be a smooth process and it was, thankfully.  Lindsey moved into multiplication.

Science:  We finished up our curriculum for the year!  We took our science books out to the front porch and worked through the last lessons of the year.  We finished up the solar system and space travel, then moved on to animal habitats.   While we were out there we watched a little ant ecosystem…ok, we got over run by ants to be truthful.  The ants are apparently really fond of my herbs (in the pots on the porch).



After we finished up, and we were still in space travel mode, we grabbed the girls foam airplanes ($1 each at the Dollar Tree) and went to the church yard to have fun.



And yes, that airplane in the above photo really did bonk Olivia in the backside.  Snicker.

Ballet/tap:  The girls continue to prepare for their May presentation of “The Swan Princess”.

Awana:  Both girls are finished their books for the year and are now reviewing the verses.  We’re also gearing up for the pinewood derby Grand Prix.

T-ball:  Yes, it is once again ball season.   Lindsey had her first practice on Saturday.   We have a very young team, as in Lindsey is the only child on the team who has EVER played ball.  At least three of the children are autistic and are having a really hard time coping with the team environment…it’ll be an interesting season!

In other news, the girls and I put up our garden fence on Saturday.   Sorry there were no “during” photos, but I was a bit busy.  However, here is the finished project.  Not too shabby for our first fence, and it even has a cute little gate.



I have tossed around the idea of starting a local co-op (actually an in our town as opposed to the ones in the outlying counties).  I’ve placed a couple of feelers out in our support group newsletter and yahoo groups and have had a very small response.   In the meantime, I’ve had THREE co-ops from the surrounding areas contact me this week about joining them for the fall.   I’m still debating.  What are your thoughts on co-op?

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