Friday, April 13, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up–The Uneventful Week

This is our first full week of the summer break.   Nothing particularly exciting has happened academically.  Although, we did do our end of year testing today.

Lindsey had her first regular season baseball game this week.  Um, yeah…still no camera, no photos…sigh.   She’s playing first base most of the time and is doing really well.

Ballet, tap, piano, choir and Awana are still going strong.   The next few weeks are when all the overlap in schedules start to occur.  Sadly, we were told at work that we are on mandatory 6 day weeks, 10-12 hour shifts through the end of the month.   Thankfully I can get additional rest during the day now that school is out…but those evenings and nights are going to be murder!!

I’m finishing up pricing and packing of used curriculum for the local sale next weekend.  My goodness where do all these things come from??

I’m going camera shopping this weekend, so hopefully I’ll have a more attractive post next week!

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  1. Summer break? Lucky!!! And camera shopping?? Woot! I vote Nikon. =o)

    Popping in from the WWU.

  2. I've had those weeks - just plugging along!


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