Sunday, August 19, 2012

My Babies (aka–Student Photo Week)

This week at the Not Back to School Blog Hop we are highlighting our students.  You know how moms are, any opportunity to share photos of our kids, right?!

Meet my 4th grader, Olivia.  She’s my musical child.  She loves to sing, dance, play piano and learns best when facts are put to music.  She is my quiet, peace loving child.  Olivia also enjoys chocolate (ahem), tennis, swimming and loves history.




Lindsey is my 2nd grader.  Lindsey is a talker, my how she talks. She also loves ballet, baseball and anything to do with babies.  She’s my imaginative child.  Imaginary friends as well as characters from books and movies frequent our home.    In Lindsey’s imaginary world, anything can become one of her “kids”….even a Nutcracker.


My Geek baseball


I’d love to “meet” your kids as well.  Don’t forget to link up to Student Photo Week and do some bragging too!

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