Friday, August 10, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up–The Second Week

Sometimes I think curriculum companies do things just to mess with me.   All of the Abeka products I’ve ever used (from Pre-K through 4th grade) contain 170 lessons. Second grade of course has to be different, with 175 lessons. This wasn’t a big deal when Olivia was in 2nd grad alone, but Lindsey wasn’t amused at having an extra week of school next spring.  So, since Lindsey is still pretty much in review mode, she knocked out weeks two and three this week.  So once again all is right in the universe…sheesh.

We finished our Vikings Unit Study this week.  Unfortunately, there was no cool field trip to accompany this unit.  However, we did make a really fun longship.  Not to mention the post for the unit study shows my children working on school work in their pajamas, a bathrobe and even a swim suit.  Ahem.

Vikings 055

The girls finished up their swimming lessons this week.   Lindsey jumped off the high dive!!  I’m sure her jumping had absolutely nothing to do with a bribe promise of the biggest Slurpee ever.

Swimming 023

Swimming 036

The highlight of the week was the end of the summer reading program at our library. Not that the end of reading is good, but the fact that I won one of the adult grand prizes is amazing. If you’ve been reading my blog for long, you’ve heard me mentioned the Frontier Culture Museum pretty often. Well, I just happened to win FOUR 1-year passes to FCM!! Woot!! So yeah, be expecting more field trip posts!!

In addition to my winning, the girls were winners as well.  Just for finishing the reading program, they both won free tickets to the local county fair (which I totally planned to not use).   Then on Monday the library called to say Olivia had won a free face painting by the clowns (still not planning to go).  Later that day, they called and said Lindsey had won a wrist band for unlimited rides during the fair.  Now lest you  think I was just being un-fun, I had logic on my side. All these passes and free items at the fair were for Wednesday evening.  Swim lessons were that evening and my logic (ahem) was we couldn’t do it all.  Then Tuesday they announced that there would be no swim lessons on Wednesday…sigh.   So, the girls and I went to the fair, and had an AMAZINGLY good time.  We didn’t get home until almost 11:30pm (on a “school night”)!

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  1. Wow! Score on the museum passes! Sounds like you have a great library! (Our library summer reading program was hit-and-miss this year due to the children's librarian leaving in May and a new one started in June.)


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