Friday, August 31, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up–The Week “Before”


Yep, this is the week before Lindsey’s birthday.  The week before we take an unexpected week off.  The week before things change drastically and throw the girls into a tailspin.  So, yeah, this was a week of preparation.  (I bet you can’t wait to read next week to find out what happened, huh?)

School went well.  We finished our Nutrition Unit Study.   Hopefully I’ll get photos and a post ready sometime next week.  Lindsey had her extra tooth pulled on Wednesday.  Although she still is convinced that it just fell out on its own.  Happy gas is our friend.

Today the girls and I volunteered to help with a food drive for the local food bank.  We stood outside the grocery store for several hours, handing out flyers, talking to people and collecting food.  I quickly realized that Lindsey turns all males to mush.   Old, young, biker, redneck, professional…they all turn to mush when she says “Good morning sir….”  I’m quite certain they heard little after those first three words, but we had men bringing bags and bags of groceries to us.  So it was a good day.

We really did have a productive week.  I just can’t seem to remember a great deal of it at the moment.  That’s what I get for waiting until bedtime to start my wrap up.

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  1. What a great service project for the girls!

  2. Ok, now I can't wait to read next week. A little hint? I'm not good at waiting.

    Happy Birthday to Lindsey too. Sounds like a great service project. We are looking for things to do here.


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