Friday, September 28, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up–Nutcracker Madness Begins

Yes, I know, it’s only September, but Nutcracker madness has arrived!  This week the girls found out their roles in the upcoming ballet production.   Olivia will be a party boy, and will be on stage for the first 20 minutes of the production.  Whew!    Lindsey will be a snow flurry (in the snow scene) and a Marzipan shepherdess in the Candy Kingdom scene.  They are both super excited, as usual.  I on the other hand am looking at the calendar for the next 2 months with a bit of angst.  Every Saturday between now and December 9 will have practices.  In addition the girls will have weekly practices, some of which will go past 9pm.  But it’ll be fine, it always is!

We had a productive week.  The girls are doing really well with their school work.  I’m not having to revisit very much and there have been no melt downs at all this year (for them or for me)!  We still haven't’ started back up with Latin liked I’d planned.  Honestly, we may not…it just doesn’t seem to be so important right now.

We started our new unit study on dinosaurs.   Olivia is in heaven over this topic.  If you ever plan on studying dinosaurs from a Biblical view, be SURE to get books and videos by Ken Ham.

Tuesday my wonderful father-in-law came by and fixed our shower.  It’s been out of whack for over a month.  Woohoo!!  No more using a plastic container to dump water over ourselves in the tub. 

Today as the end of our first month of co-op.  It’s really gone well and the girls are already pleading to do it again next year.  So now I need to think of a really cool class to teach next year instead of being on the clean up crew at the end of the day. 

Schoolwork is going well.  Extra curricular activities are moving smoothly and things seem to have mellowed out for our family.  There for a while it felt like we had a big bulls-eye on us and everyone was taking aim.

Be sure to swing by the Weekly Wrap Up and say hello to Kris this week!

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  1. Fun! One of my friends' daughter just got a part in the Nutcracker as a mouse. It's her second year in a row with a part.


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