Thursday, October 18, 2012

Activity Day ~ France Study

Today our Activity Day group travelled to France.  It was a lovely day for a jaunt to Europe and back in 2 hours.  We’re good like that.

While in Paris we visited the Louvre. We talked about some of the famous paintings and then decided to dabble in the impressionist period by reproducing a “The Water-Lily Pond” by Claude Monet in water colors. Quite the little artists, no?

France Study 004France Study 005

France Study 008

France Study 012France Study 011

France Study 010

We also visited the Eiffel Tower and learned about the building, the shops and restaurant inside, and found out that there are 1,710 steps inside.  We opted for the elevator.

Since we are “traveling” internationally we had to get our passports in order.  I ordered these passport and sticker kits from Oriental Trading.   Then I made a personalization sheet for the front of each one, added a photo of the child and laminated it.  As you can see in the photo at the right below, the girls got their Paris stamp while traveling today.  I also bought some international play money from Oriental trading and gave everyone several hundred francs to spend.

France Study 013France Study 014

France Study 015

After an exhausting day of travel we relax with some truffles, fresh baked cookies and kool-aid.  Yeah, well the truffles and baked goods kept with the theme, but I’m guessing they drink kool-aid in France too.

Books we used:
Claude Monet; by Adam G. Klein
Claude Monet, Magician of Color; by Stephan Koja and Katja Miksovsky
The Louvre, All the Paintings; by Eric Lessing and Vincent Pomarede
Passport to France; by Dominque Norbrook
The Cat Who Walked Across France; by Kate Banks

Be sure to join us next month as we travel off to some far distant land.

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